Natural floor pavement treated onsite with polymers


Currently, it is one of the most revolutionary natural paving systems on the market, adapting to the characteristics of each of the land to be treated. It is a polymer that is applied by irrigation, after dilution in water and preparation. With this system it avoids the addition of filling and compacting soil, respecting the nature of the treated land. It is used to achieve depth and surface stabilizations that give the road a sufficient weight bearing capacity in relation to road traffic. Conveniently applied, the product has a consolidating and binding effect of soils, favoring their stability against erosion. Likewise, it improves the visibility conditions of the treated land and reduces the respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of dust, or breakdowns in the machinery for the same reason.

We can perform a single or double application of products, depending on the results we want to obtain:


With its treatment it will waterproof slopes/embankments, (preventing them from eroding with their subsequent deterioration) and rural roads (preventing water filtration, the formation of hillsides or ridges that often hinder traffic and land runoff). It also prevents the formation of waterlogging caused by water from adjacent lands and the retention of rainfalls.


There are four types of equipment that are used during operations:

  1. Motor grader with scarifier
  2. Hammer rotator or crusher suitable for the hardness of the ground
  3. Tanker with mixing system and dispenser for irrigation
  4. Compactor- roller


Scarification of the base at a depth of approximately 20 cm

Uniform application by tank

Mixed uniform with the rotovator

Leveling the surface, using the motor grader, to achieve as regular a planimetry as possible

Application of the compactor roller, once fully absorbed