Recycled Plastic Beacon


Field of application

It is a piece with a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic shaft from urban and / or industrial waste (wood finish), which has an ultra-luminescent UFL plate embedded in its upper part. The UFL (ultra-photoluminescent) plate is made of thermosetting material and is composed of aluminates and recycled materials. The shaft is made of recycled plastic of high durability. Its function, once the element is charged, is to signal and mark areas without lighting, such as: tourist, archaeological and astronomical tourism routes; trails and greenways; running paths; itineraries in natural parks and viewpoints, among others. Serving beacons and signage to passersby, cyclists and cars as optionally you can add reflective bands on one or both sides to the ECO-BEACON.


  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic provides long life and resistance to the effects of UV radiation
  • Minimum maintenance, shaterproof, rust-proof
  • Thermal and electrical insulator
  • Inert to environmental degradation, chemical or rot
  • Resistant, non-deformable, manageable, flexible and solid
  • Eco-friendly and non-polluting  recycled plastic, has a very low carbon footprint, in this case it would be -0 Carbon (CO2) footprint.
  • The luminescent device is activated with sunlight or artificial light, also offering resistance to aging caused by the long-term action of UV rays
  • This device allows visibility in dark conditions or in poorly lit areas
  • Once charged, the luminescence lasts from 10 to 12 hours in dark conditions.



Available  heights :  400, 700 and 1000 mm

Embedding:         200 mm

Perforated circle diameter to improve embedment: 250mm

Width: 120 mm

Thickness : 30 mm


Dimensions 70 x 60 mm

Thickness 5 mm


Dimensions 95 x 20 x 24 mm

How to use

It is laid on a concrete block, penetrating 10 cm into it and leaving 10, 20 or 40 cm on the surface, depending on the final variant to use. Optionally, a corrugated bar can be included through the circular hole to improve adhesion.

We recommend a distance between eco-beacons of 5 and 25 meters.

To be considered

No light has to strike directly on the piece to appreciate the full effect of the luminescence.

Properties of the luminescent piece

Brightness color : Green

Operating temperature range -15ºC 50ºC.

Luminance after 10 minutes Greater than 800 mcd / m2

Luminance after 60 minutes Greater than 120 mcd / m2

Dimming Time UNE 23035 (*) Greater than 15,900 minutes

(*) Logarithmic extrapolation according to UNE 23035 until the time in which the luminance is of 0.3 mcd / m2

Properties reflective strips

Colors: WHITE and YELLOW

Material: Plastic and reflective 19 glass elements

Dimensions: 60 × 10 mm

Reflectance: Very high intensity (excellent night visibility)

Properties of 100% Recycled / Recyclable Plastic shank

Color:  Brown / Black / Terracotta / Green / Natural Gray

Shapes: Rectangular / Circular / Square


100% recycled and 100% recyclable material.

o  Resistant, non-deformable, manageable, flexible and solid

o  Thermal and electrical insulation, waterproof

o  Minimum maintenance, not splintable or oxidizable

o  Easy handling superior to that of wood

o  Inert to environmental degradation, chemistry and rot

o  Ecological, and non-polluting, resistant to the action of animals or insects

o  Sterile, hygienic, easy to clean, antigraffiti and anti-vandalism

o  Almost unlimited durability

o  Great versatility in its applications

o  Very realistic imitation of natural colour

o  Highly integrated with the environment

o  Possibility to make colors on request (consult factory)