Ultraphotoluminescent Tile R23

Ultraphotoluminescent tile for beaconing or signaling

Field od application

Ultraphotoluminescent tile R23 is a tile of 23 × 7.7 cm2 dimensions. It is made of thermosetting material and is composed of aluminates and recycled materials, as well as a Titanium Dioxide coating. It is created to signal and mark the streets, routes, paths, roads or highways. Due to their elongated shape, they can be rigid or flexible, providing infinite forms of fixation in poorly lit areas or in absolute darkness.


  • It is activated with sunlight or artificial light
  • It allows visibility in dark conditions or in poorty lit areas
  • It is resistent to water and ultraviolet rays ( suitable for outdoor)
  • Very high shock resistance
  • Once the piece is charged, the luminiscence lasts from 10 to 12 hours in dark conditions

How to use
Ultraphotoluminescent R23 tile is fixed to any wall, using a fixing resin

To be considered

  • No light has to strike directly on the product to allow the full effect of the luminescence
Main function: Signaling or beaconing
Bright colors: Blue and Green
Operating temperature range: -15ºC 50ºC.
Luminance after 10 minutes Greater than 800 mcd/m2 (green light)
Luminance after 60 minutes Greater than 120 mcd/m2 (green light)
Dimming time UNE 23035 (*) Greater than 15.900 minutes (green light)
(*) Logarithmic extrapolation according to UNE 23035 until the time in which the luminance is of 0.3 mcd / m2
The technical data reflected are based on the technical knowledge obtained in external laboratories and by our technicians.