GBSolutions is a Spanish company devoted to Import-Export, Marketing, Transport and Distribution of products, its human capital has more than 15 years of experience in international trade. Our features are the excellence of our services and the highest quality of our products.

Likewise, we provide our clients with a specialized and personalized service in the international transport of merchandise, acting as transport agents in any of its modes: maritime, land or air, finding the most efficient, adequate and competitive solution at all times.

From the beginning  GBSolutions was convinced  that, in order to provide true solutions to our customers, we would have to be able to guarantee the entire process of importing raw materials and delivering to manufacturing plants, and secondly that our products met the highest standards of quality required by the EU, in order to offer full products and services, for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

In this regard, since 2017 GBSolutions markets and distributes both photoluminescent products and road stabilizers, both in the national and international markets, of which the former has very high resistance and durability to ultraviolet rays, allowing visibility in dark conditions or in areas poorly lit, through a sustainable beacon system with a long service life; and the second, the natural paving of soils, being very useful in civil works for the stabilization of embankments and roads. Both products aimed at environmental sustainability and reducing the impact of the carbon footprint on our infrastructure and cities.

Committed to environmental sustainability through circular economy (simply circularity) models; and in collaboration with CM Plastik, at the beginning of 2018 we started the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of recycled plastic products in a range that covers urban furniture, roads, profiles, playgrounds and others. We offer through recycling a second useful life to products of plastic origin. Providing security and aesthetics in the infrastructures of our cities, with ease of handling, resistance, durability and with minimal maintenance of all our products.

Currently GBSolutions is involved with our society and within a socially responsible corporate business action, develops a collaboration program with the Valencian Foundation for Employment and Integration (FUNDAEMPLEO) for the labor insertion of people with disabilities, with the purpose of promoting opportunities for this group of people to join the labor market.